Musicians Institute: Loops And Grooves - The Musician's Guide To Groove Machines (Book/CD)


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Zoals de titel al zegt: hoe maak je de vetste loops en grooves met de moderne technologie.

Auteur:Todd Souvignier

Level:iedere ge´nteresseerde

Drager:boek + CD

Uitgever:Musicians Institute


Druk:eerste druk


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Beschrijving van de uitgever: Loops And Grooves is an overview of the technology and art of making music with loops by a nationally recognized expert on music technology. The book surveys the fundamentals and evolution of loop-based composition and explores in depth the power of current groove-making technology.

Includes a focus on loop-sequencing hardware, which hasn't been covered in book form before. The complete section on loop-slicing software makes it easy to select and use the best loop-sequencing programs. The value-added CD includes audio examples and software demos.

    Preface: Repetition, Patterns And Loops
  • Meet The Loop
  • Synthetic Basics
  • Sampling Basics
  • Sequencing And Drum Machines
  • Groove Machines
  • Using Grooves Machines
  • Software Groove Machines
  • Looping Software
  • Using Looping Software
  • Conclusion: Closing The Loop

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