The Level 42 Bass Book (Book)


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Zeer accurate bas transcripties van 21 songs van Level 42 en Mark King. In notenschrift en tabulatuur, inclusief akkoorden.

The Level 42 Bass Book is the perfect companion to The Mark King Bass Book. While that book contains all of lead vocalist and bassist Mark King's finest instrumental pieces and bass solos, this volume collects the band's best songs. Containing a selection of tracks from throughout their lengthy career, the book features all the hits - such as 'Lessons in Love', 'Something About You', 'To Be With You Again', 'The Chinese Way' as well as popular album tracks such as 'The Machine Stops', 'Almost There', 'You Can't Blame Louis' and 'True Believers'.

Bonus Content

'Freedom' Bass Solo Transcription 'Last Chance' Live Slap Groove Level 42 Retroglide Highlights Mark King Trash Highlights Mark King - 'Bitter Moon' Transcription Mark King - 'Hot Water' Live Transcription Mark King Technique Analysis Mark King Interview

Artiest:Level 42 / Mark King

Auteur:Stuart Clayton



Geschreven in:notenschrift en tabulatuur

Uitgever:Bassline Publishing


Druk:eerste druk

Aantal blz.:166





- Almost There - Are You Hearing? (What I Hear) - Autumn (Paradise is Free) - Children Say - Eyes Waterfalling - Follow Me (Live) - Hot Water (Live) - Kansas City Milkman - Lessons in Love - Love Games - Love Meeting Love - Running in the Family - Something About You - Starchild - The Chinese Way - The Machine Stops - The Sun Goes Down (Livin' it Up) - To Be With You Again - True Believers - Turn It On - You Can't Blame Louis

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