Hot Licks: Stu Hamm - Slap, Pop And Tap For The Bass (DVD/Booklet)


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Bass grootheid Stu Hamm geeft je les in zijn specifieke stijlkenmerken en technieken. Inclusief boekje.

Artiest:Stu Hamm


Leraar:Stu Hamm


Geschreven in:notenschrift en tabulatuur

Uitgever:Hot Licks


Taal:Engels gesproken - niet ondertiteld

Aantal blz.:20

Speelduur min.:60


Beschikbaarheid:7 - 20 dagen



Beschrijving van de uitgever:

Stuart Hamm is one of the world's greatest Bass Guitar talents, and this DVD covers an incredibly wide array of styles and techniques. You'll get into left-hand stretching exercises, major and minor arpeggios, playing chords, slapping & popping, funk, hammer-on slaps, triplets, right-hand "flamenco" strums, two-handed polyphonic tapping, contrapuntal playing, percussive tapping, playing a melody with the right hand while the left hand plays a bass pattern, classical techniques and styles, and Bach's Prelude in C.

Stuart Hamm is one of America's most respected and sought-after modern bass player/teachers and gives clinics all over the world. He has toured and recorded with Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, and Joe Satriani, and his solo albums for have brought widespread critical acclaim.

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