Musicians Institute - Dominik Hauser: Soloing For Bass (Book/CD)


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Ideale lesmethode voor de bassist die wil leren soleren op zijn basgitaar.

Auteur:Dominik Hauser


Drager:boek + CD

Geschreven in:notenschrift en tabulatuur

Uitgever:Musicians Institute


Druk:eerste druk


Aantal blz.:96





Beschrijving van de uitgever:

A topic not often broached for bass guitar, improvising a solo can be a scary and mysterious situation for many bass players. Have no fear! This excellent book/CD pack delivers all you need to become a master soloist, no matter what style of music you play. Featuring loads of solo exercises, clear and concise theory discussion, and plenty of play-along tracks, you'll learn the tricks and tools of soloing for bass. Covers: major scale modes, melodic minor scale modes, harmonic minor scale modes, symmetrical scales, modal interchange, key-center playing, scale substitutions, superimposition, and more!

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