Standard Of Excellence: Advanced Jazz Ensemble Method (Bass) (Book/CD)


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Een standaardwerk voor de al wat gevorderde jazz- en bandmuzikanten. Voor individuele studenten en groepen. Inclusief lessen in improvisatie en ritmes in jazz en swing stijlen. Inclusief CD. Notenschrift.

Auteur:Bruce Pearson / Dean Sorenson

Level:gemiddeld - gevorderd

Drager:boek + CD

Geschreven in:notenschrift

Uitgever:Kjos Music Company


Druk:eerste druk


Aantal blz.:48






The comprehensive tutorial method for all Jazz ensemble instruments reaches the advanced level, complete with a full CD of accompaniments.

The Standard Of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method is designed to introduce and develop Jazz playing styles either individually or in group instruction. The method combines a strong performance-centred approach with music theory, music history, ear training and listening, but always with the emphasis upon improvisation.

The book is divided into three sections covering Swing, Rock and Latin Jazz styles. Each section contains improvisation studies, advanced improvisations and suggested solos that may be played with other members of the Jazz ensemble, or with the accompanying CD. Disciplines covered include scale modes, articulation, understanding Jazz chord harmony and much more.

This method is ideal for school-based teaching, allowing students to study the tunes and techniques individually, before coming together to enjoy the excitement and energy of a full Jazz ensemble!

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